Ideal tool for the Risk Manager to proceed with Risk Assessments and define Risk Treatment plans 


Why t-Risk?

t-Risk is an encrypted and highly collaborative system that guarantees methodological rigor in risk assessments following the ISO 31000 Standard and offers enormous productivity benefits to security risk assessors. There are many ways that the t-Risk Platform can help your organization. We have listed some of them below.

"In the information age with increasingly globalized companies, corporate processes are expected to follow tested and proven methodologies. Companies expect their Corporate Security Managers to manage their administrative processes through standardization, planning, organization, financial, human and physical controls, proposing measures and solutions that are balanced to the reality of the business. It is not possible to propose solutions without experimentation and professional technical knowledge leveled with the organizational culture. Choosing the most cost-effective solution is no easy task. The decision-making process can become subjective when there are no adequate standards and parameterizations, as it is not decided by one or the other solution only from one perspective, but considering several aspects to achieve a more balanced choice of process or solution. It is important to remember that the more assertive, the more competitive the business becomes in relation to its competitors. In an ideal world, very far from the reality of most companies, there are no resources available for all needs and, therefore, choices must be made. How to choose which solution to choose? The answer is simple after we know the T-Risk platform. As a great ally of the Risk Manager, the decision becomes guided by the risk appetite that the company decides to take. The platform helps the decision of the decision-making board to prioritize the investment following a rationale aligned with the ISO31000 standard. This represents for the manager to translate his deliverables into a more professional, standardized and recognized model in his projects. It is important to note that the risk does not belong to a sector or a professional, the risk belongs to the business and it is expected to be aligned with its strategy so that the investment is timely in its continuity".

"One of the main activities of a professional in the area of Risk Management is to perform a good risk analysis. A few years ago, field information was collected through documents (checklist) and consolidated into spreadsheets, applying methodologies (T-Fine / Mosler) to have a risk matrix. This process consumed a lot of energy and time. The t-Risk tool, based on the ISO 31000 methodology, allowing the collection of information to be carried out by several professionals at the same time, consolidating the information in a standard report, gives flexibility to the GR professional and his team, to carry out an adequate plan of action, faster and more assertive. We have applied the t-Risk tool for the development of the Safety Master Plan, being an important reference for defining actions and investments in security".

"As a consultant I come across clients with little or no knowledge about risk management. The way in which t-Risk is structured allows not only the systematic analysis of risks, but also a learning process for the client on the methodology used and its adherence to ISO 31000, facilitating our communication. The projects became even more assertive with the use of t-Risk, reducing the natural subjectivity of the risk analysis process and offering our customers more security in decision making."

"The risk management platform t -Risk is a strong ally in driving risk reduction decision making. Based on ISO 31000, the methodology generates a significant final result for decision making that requires investment (Capex) in a safe and objective way. The management of the provision of property security services is better configured is structured on the basis of risk management, T-Risk enables allocate the right resources in the right places at the same time helping to preserve the ZBB (zero-based budgeting) Area (Opex). A great advantage of T-Risk platform is the ability to compare projects, companies or multisite institutions, it is possible to compare each plant and direct om resources based on specific need, T-Risk enables globally think risk management but with action place."

"t-Risk is a tool that brings together in itself, in a very well structured way, all the elements that allow us to bring more robustness and security in the preparation and presentation of risk management processes so that decision making is very well based and justified. The Total Risk methodology used in t-Risk has a scientific basis and guidance through the international standard ISO 31000, which serves as a guide both in the planning, in the implementation and in the maintenance of risk management, making the projects become standardized and assertive in their purpose".

"It was not easy a few years ago to perform a good risk analysis, time and collecting information consumed what is essential these days, time. In addition to the number of spreadsheets, studies and greater exposure to subjectivity. The modern t-Risk tool enabled us to combine the ISO 31000 methodology in an uncomplicated and very robust manner, allowing the uncomplicated collection of customer data by one or more specialists simultaneously, making it possible to compare the projects carried out, consolidating the study in one detailed standard report, in addition to rationalizing time. We apply the tool with high assertiveness and technical adherence to the standard, making it uncomplicated for our customers to make decisions in line with their strategy."


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